Supplier Quality Engineer

➢ Outsourcing of semi-products such as rubber compounds, cord fabrics, steel cords, and other components.

➢ Supplier audits for quality, sustainability, and supply assurance. Domestic and international audits: APQP, PPAP, 8D, 5-why, FMEA tools according to IATF 16949 and customer requirements.

➢ Supplier Development studies: Process improvement studies in suppliers’ sites.

Process Engineer and R&D

➢ Process parameters of rubber mixing lines (banbury) such as OEE, OPAH, and HSE KPI’s.

➢ Processability of blends, quality of vulcanizates, and dispersion quality of blends.

➢ Total Productive Maintenance (TPM)

➢ Quality Tools: 5S, Six-Sigma, Lean manufacturing, SMED, Gemba walk.

➢ Time and failure mode analysis of rubber hose production.

Success stories

  • Material Engineering: Conducted research and optimization for polymer nanocomposites and metallic materials used in Canik pistols, ensuring quality, reliability and cost-effectiveness.

  • Aviation & Aerospace: Contributed to the production of body and parts for various aviation projects, including Boeing, Airbus, JSF, Sikorsky, and TAI Hürkuş. Led the production of enhanced surface treatments and Ti Grade V alloys, and performed quality inspection.

  • Surface Treatments: Managed a team that engineered surface treatments such as polishing, CLIN, carburizing, chrome coating, aluminum anodizing, ceramic coating oven-cure dyes, and phosphating.

  • Failure Analysis: Conducted root cause analysis and prediction to extend the service life of tools accordance with scientific methods. (Metallography by using OM and SEM)

  • Characterization and Benchmark: Utilized TEM, SEM, and advanced technical knowledge in material science and nanoscience to characterize various materials, including metallic materials, polymer composite materials, coatings, and surface treatments.

  • Project Management and Tender Preparation: Prepared tender files for international tenders, adhering to MIL-STD or TOP standards. Managed international projects as project executive by using MS Project.

  • R&D Center Management: Led and managed SYS's R&D Center, ensuring professional project management and compliance with Ministry of Science, Industry, and Technology requirements.

Trelleborg Industrial Solutions (TIS)

Supplier Quality Engineer

Jul 2018 - Nov 2022

Samsun Yurt Savunma (SYS)

R&D Engineer

Apr 2017 - Jun 2018

Sampa Automotive

R&D Engineer

Apr 2015 - Jul 2016

Polymer composite materials

➢ Advanced polymer nanocomposites: Suspension systems, chassis vibration control systems, mountings, sealing applications.

➢ Injection molding of elastomers and engineering plastics.

Benchmarking and Reverse Engineering

➢ Reverse engineering and benchmarking of rival products.

➢ Characterization methods: Thermal analysis, Dynamic Mechanical Analysis (DMA), metallography and rheological analysis, root cause analysis.

➢ Real-time final product tests by using MTS solutions

Commissioning new products

➢ Cement pump piston, bushings for individual cars, airsprings, bulkhead springs, V-rod bushings, fatigue resistant rubber bushings

Gamechanging TECHNIQUE

I have made significant contributions to my previous organizations through my engineering expertise and intellectual background.

My approach to problem-solving has enabled me to achieve various accomplishments and add value to the companies I have worked for.


My primary goal is to enhance your critical processes, provide effective solutions for my team, and create significant value for your customers.


My perspective is grounded in a customer-focused, innovative engineering approach that prioritizes high performance even under severe conditions. Additionally, I remain open-minded to the rapidly evolving landscape of the future.